Media Personality/TV Host

Television Producer & Host – Lorna has produced Lorna’s Corner , a television show started in 1989, which has evolved into an online program that combines thought-provoking ideas and entertainment for a unique mix of conscious conversation and popular culture. She has had a variety of celebrities as guests on her show. Her show was originally in a topical talk show format until she recognized that she was able to provide her positive messages to a larger audience when she engaged national celebrities to discuss their  music, sports or film careers.  A few of the guests included: P. Diddy, Queen Latifah, Morris Chestnut, Public Enemy, Notorious BIG,  L.L. Cool J, and other non-music guests like Gil Noble, Steve Perry, Michael Eric Dyson, Gayle King, Ray Allen, and Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis. Her television work often provided coverage of community events and socially important issues. She also produced the weekly Phillips Metropolitan C.M.E. Church television program, “Building Upward, Reaching Outward.”  She has won several awards for her television program and her contribution to the media. Some of her classic footage was recently shown on E-entertainment. She has always wanted to produce a documentary and is currently in the planning stage for a new project, “Crossing Over.” Stay tuned for further developments on this exciting project.