Author/Keynote Speaker

lorna_talking2Lorna currently provides motivational speeches, keynote address and serves as a sought after panelist for social work issues; especially areas focusing on teen parenting, adolescent development, women’s empowerment, foster care and adoption issues.

Participant Testimonials

“Lorna’s speech at the Red Hat Society breakfast made me realize that my work in the community, my contributions will live well beyond my years. She was awesome.”

“I heard Lorna’s talk at the Springfield college convocation and her ,”if you don’t do it in here, then you won’t do it out there,” stayed with me during my graduate experience and pushed me to be a better Social Worker.”

“She provided the 2014 address for the graduates of the MSW program. Her Circle of life presentation was empowering and reminded us to use all of who we are to make a difference. I cried at the end of the presentation.”

She is in the process of preparing to release her first book, Mum’s The Word, a memoir that she believes will be very revealing to many.